Sisters of the Presentation, San Francisco

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The Sisters of the Presentation's archival collections reflect the institutional history of the Sisters of Presentation and their various individual ministries since the time of their foundation in San Francisco, California in 1854 up to the present day. The unique historical materials reflect the sisters’ participation in these ministries and that of their relationship to those served through these ministries.

Collections spanning the years since 1854 document the sisters’ lives and their ministries in California, New Mexico and Washington; and on sisters’ ministries in response to Vatican II, including mission work in Mexico and Guatemala, and their involvement in social justice issues. Administrative records include minutes of general councils, chapter assemblies and various committees, including national and international groups. Additional collections include artifacts such as objects from convent life; photographs; scrapbooks; and audiovisual materials.

The Sisters of the Presentation, San Francisco's digital collection at California Revealed consists of moving image, audio recordings, and images from the 1890s to the 1980s. The collection includes a filmed teleconference, recorded narrations concerning San Francisco and California history, and several photographs of the Presentation Convent and School, including several taken after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

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Sisters of the Presentation, San Francisco
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