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Pacifica Radio Archives is considered by historians and scholars to be one of the oldest and most important audio collections in the world. Chronicling the political, cultural and artistic movements of the second half of the 20th century, Pacifica radio programs include documentaries, performances, discussions, debates, drama, poetry readings, commentaries and radio arts.

The Pacifica Radio Archives appraise, collect, organize, describe, preserve the creative work generated by, or produced in association with, Pacifica Radio, and make it available for research and reference use. They focus on materials that reflect the memory, traditions and evolution of Pacifica Radio. The intellectual content of the collection emphasizes a common thread of social justice covering cultural, health, historical, political, psychological, racial, religious, philosophical and social aspects of society over a variety of subjects.

The Pacifica Radio Archives' digital collection at California Revealed consists of audio recordings from the 1940s to the 1990s. The collection includes oral histories, as well as radio programs on politics, art and culture. Among many highlights related to California's countercultures is a recording of Allen Ginsberg reading his poetry.

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