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Image, text, and audiovisual material relating to topics of anti-war activism. Content includes: World War I, 1914 to 1918; The Vietnam War, 1967 to 1973; The Cambodian Civil War, 1967 to 1975; and the Iraq War, 2003 to 2011. Other material includes relevant college protests, media coverage, political demonstrations, and political graphics.  

Audiovisual material relating to topics about California Chicano history. Content includes histories about the Mexican Revolution in the 1910s, the Chicano Movement of the 1960s, Chicano visual arts, and news coverage about Chicano protests and police brutality. Other material includes recorded oral interviews and histories with leading Chicano figures like Cesar Chavez, Juanishi Orosco, and Daniel Valdez.

Audiovisual material relating to California environmental activism. Content includes words from the spokesperson of the Citizens for the Preservation of Santa Rosa Creek, scenes from University of California, Davis's Whole Earth Festival, and protests from the Redwood National Park against logging. Other material includes images of the Delta Fish Facility and the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill.

Image, text, and audiovisual material relating to animals and California wildlife. Content includes images and text about the San Diego Zoo, wildlife rehabilitation, and California livestock and agriculture. Other material includes California wildlife in motion, images from the turn of the century, and recorded oral interviews. 

Images and audiovisual material relating to California architecture and its historic built environment. Content includes recorded oral interviews with California painters, architects, designers, and artists, such as Jack Matson, Helen Dowd, and Paul Lingren. Other material includes information about the architectural growth of California cities like San Diego, Monterey, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Audiovisual and image material relating to California's computer and technology industry. A majority of the themed collection pertains to the West Coast Computer Faire, an annual computer industry conference and exposition first organized in 1977. Topics include computer building, software, graphics, and medical practices. Other material focuses on Silicon Valley and California's emerging computer industry.

Text, image, and audiovisual material relating to acts of self-sufficiency, including, but not limited to, cooking, gardening, crafting, and schooling.